About Me

Helping people as well as myself to reach their fitness and healthy living goals, and to have a good quality life (physically, mentally, Socially and Spiritually) for as long as they live was the driving force behind my becoming a certified Elite Trainer.

I am 57 years old who happened to have taken that same route of self transformation and development as I am trying to help others do. I had achieved some remarkable results and managed to pursue my dream of having the best body of my life. I am healthy, stress-free and I am enjoying my life doing what I love to do, and that is helping people like you making their fitness and health goals come true.

My studies as an Elite Trainer include: Personal Training Certification, Nutritional Coach Certification and Lifespan Coach Certification.

As a Nutritional Coach, I am able to give sound Nutritional Advice, as well as being able to construct Meal Plans for customers of all types and goals and ages.

As a Lifespan Coach, I am specialized in the fitness development of Children and of Older Adults Understanding the different needs required for progress, which differs from their younger or older counterparts.

Please feel free to drop me a line and give me the honor to be your guide, and tell me how I can help you reach your goals no matter how old you think you are, because for sure you can live a life of maturity without having to suffer the consequences of aging.

Best Regards,
Hassan El-Zaben


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